May Is Here Already

Wow, the time just goes by so fast; I can’t keep up. But this will be a most interesting month, amid all the controversy of the Corona Virus pandemic. I hope everyone is staying safe, but is becoming aware of what a mixed message this pandemic has wrought. Politics have played a much bigger part in this than should ever be in a great country–and world–like ours. While we need to be careful to prevent illness in our families, we much remain calm and vigilant in our search for the facts in truth, rather than in fear, greed, and politics. The truth will make us free.

What a busy month this is for events. We have May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day. There are many more celebratory days that are not national holidays, as well as the Indianapolis 500 Race on the 24th. The event I love the most in May that was canceled is the Kentucky Derby; there was no running of the roses this year, due to the pandemic and quarantine. So sad; that has been such a tradition for so many years.

I have been busy creating lots of specialty items for my store, including tiny miniature fish for key chains and for my fidget sleeves.

I have been playing with different patterns for flowers, but did not get any completed in time for Mother’s Day, I am waiting on wire and floral tape I ordered to complete my projects with flowers.

Currently working on special order from a friend as well: crocheted nylon scrubbies, made from one inch strips of nylon netting fabric. Very difficult for me to work with, but very quick and practical for scrubbing those pots and pans. I also use them to scrub potatoes before baking.

Hope everyone has a wonderful month, making the most of our time during the quarantine at home. Give special attention to your family, your home and projects you need to complete. May this pandemic be over soon and everyone get back to a normal life, free of fear and hardship. And lets all pray that the grocery shelves fill up again and we can all buy the items we need for our families. See you next month.

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