Jumpin’ June

What a month this has started to be. Businesses are beginning to open up, even in Las Vegas. Hotels and casinos are slowly opening with added precautions, we can now get a haircut at some places, eat out at some places, and go find a book to check out. That is progress since the shut-down of business as usual 3 months ago. What isn’t progress is the continued burning, destruction and looting of cities across the country as a “protest” against the killing of a man by a police officer. Countless small, individually-owned businesses have been destroyed, people injured and killed by these “protesters”, as well as innocent children trapped in burning homes while fire and rescue teams are blocked from helping and animals in trailers set on fire and bricks thrown at police horses and police officers murdered. It is so very sad and disgusting to watch human beings act like non-human beings. I pray for peace and sanity to return quickly before all out civil war breaks out.

While all this chaos is going on, I am still creating new items for my Etsy store daily. I am so glad I do not have a physical store to have to worry about. Fabrics have been a big seller–to folks making masks for those needing them to avoid the Corona virus. The other big sellers have been fidget sleeves for adults with dementia stuck in nursing homes without visitors and crocheted fish and and aquarium kits. Yarn and embroidery kits have been selling as well; people need things to do while quarantined.

My hope for all of you is to stay safe and healthy out there during all these current critical events. See you next month.

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