Summertime Sale! Shop Early for Christmas

Wow! We’re already halfway through summer, but it’s not too early to start thinking about  shopping for Christmas. I don’t know about you, but I vow to get all my shopping done very early this year — I hate waiting until the last minute.

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop from August 29th through September 3rd for my Special Labor Day Sale! Check out the bargains, skip the crowds, and get your shopping done early. And don’t forget: I do custom orders. If you want something you don’t see, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to make it for you.


Canine Chronicles

It has been a strange and sweltering summer in my area. I joined a dog rescue group, and signed up to foster abandoned and homeless dogs.


The first dog we took was a lovable, sweet boy named Duffy. Diabetic and nearly blind, he mastered our stairs the first day and was doing well at first with his daily insulin regimen, though it’s strange that he wouldn’t be on a special diet. After finding a puncture wound on his back leg, we took him to the vet. He got stitches and had to wear the “cone of shame”. Then he started having accidents on the carpet, became lethargic, and wouldn’t eat. Back to the vet, who found that his diabetes was way out of control, and he was dehydrated because he was not retaining any of the water he drank. They kept him overnight, and he has been in the hospital since.

Dana and Darcy

The second try was an adorable pair of female Maltese dogs, abandoned by their owner. They were loving, playful, and full of energy, but they refused to potty in our grassy backyard. Instead, they went all over the house, on every blanket, rug, dog bed, and everywhere in between. I was spending all day cleaning up puddles and washing linens — too much work for this old body. I had to send them back to the rescue.

Sadie, Josie, and Lucky

They say the third time’s a charm, and you might say we believe it.

NSPCA recently hosted an adoption event, and one of the dogs caught our eye. Hoping to find Lucky a new forever friend, we paid them a visit, had a quick meet and greet, and that night ended up with another pair of sweet girls: Sadie the Shih Tzu and Josie, a terrier mix. They get along fine with Lucky, and everyone seems to love the nearby park.

Getting them to pose for the camera is another story….


Still Crafting

Meanwhile, I have been crocheting lots of great gift ideas, like my fish bowls full of fish, coral and seaweed in lots of different colors. Kids love them because they can rearrange items any way they choose, and, unlike a living aquarium, they require no maintenance.

Another new item this year is my heart shaped boxes with crocheted chocolates. They look real, but have zero calories and will last forever. There’s also baby items, granny lap robes, no-sew fleece dog beds, and painted works of art that double as useful household items. How about a mop replacement pad that you can throw in the washing machine?

It doesn’t stop there. We carry lots of crafting supplies and kits, and even a CD of old time sing-along tunes played by me, recorded on my piano and professionally packaged.

Shop now!


Back to School

If you have young children, chances are you’ve already begun the morning routine of getting them off to school, or will be soon. My grandchildren are off to a great start in their school. Here’s to hoping everyone has a great year ahead.

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