Jubilant July

This month is full of excitement and holiday spirit. My son is purchasing the home we have rented for the past two years—his first home purchase. And, of course, Independence Day happens on Thursday.

As you might expect, July 4th is the least favorite holiday for my three dogs. They are older, have medical issues, and are terrified of  fireworks and other loud noises. Still, it is an important day to celebrate the independence of this great country from England’s rule, a monumental achievement we declared 243 years ago. Today, we celebrate by wearing red, white and blue, hosting picnics and parties, proudly flying our flag, making lots of noise and watching all the pretty fireworks.

I have a few nifty items in my store that would make appropriate gifts for this month. One of my favorites is my crochet lap robes, perfect for seniors who are homebound, or perhaps in an assisted living facility where the A/C is cranked up and too cool for our old bodies. My patriotic granny square is a great choice.

I also love painting patriotic decor on my magnetic oven push-pull kitchen tools. They are made to pull out or push in a hot oven rack without burning your fingers. They’re also great for reaching cupboard handles, opening and closing drawers, turning on light switches and ceiling fans, and they even make a good back scratcher. They stick to most metal surfaces, so you can keep them handy on your oven or refrigerator.

What are your plans for the month of July? Summer camp? Family vacation? Maybe even a cruise? We finally hit triple digits here in Las Vegas, so pool parties and backyard barbecues are definitely in order. Whatever your plans, I wish you happiness.

Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you next time!

Be safe and sane this Thursday, and remember, I have a bedtime, too.

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