May Day Mother’s Day Memorial Day and More

May is here already and filled with days of celebrations. May first was May Day; I remember in grade school celebrating on the school playground by have the pole with crepe paper streamers that we all danced around the pole twisting the streamers into a braid. Do kids even get to do this anymore?

Mother’s Day is coming up May 12th. It’s the perfect day to celebrate moms everywhere–natural moms, grandmas, adoptive moms, fur-baby moms, step moms, soon to be moms……What mom wouldn’t love a box of crocheted chocolates;. No calories, last forever, or a handmade lap robe to keep warm on cool mornings or evenings. 

Memorial Day is a national holiday and a day of remembering all the young men and women in the military who have lost their lives. We remember all those who died in all the wars since the beginning of this great country. Poppies are recognized as a symbol of those military soldiers who died during WWI; The explanation for the poppy as the symbol is because they were the only flowers that grew in Flanders field in France after the battlefield was left barren.

I remember being disappointed the day the government made Memorial Day the 4th Monday of the month, though the original day was May 30th. I was disappointed because I used to love having a special day of celebration that fell on my birthday. Now it may or may not be on my birthday.

Whatever days you celebrate, do it with family and friends and do it safely. See you next month.

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