Happy Easter

Time got away from me again. It’s not too late to wish you all a very Happy Easter, as well as Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends.

For many, this is a time of religious reflection and prayer time. For kids, it’s all about the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, and going to church in your Sunday best clothing. Thankfully, some kids also recognize the true meaning of Easter and celebrate accordingly.

If you are part of the pop culture who celebrate with baskets of goodies, I have some special crocheted “peeps” bunnies, chicks in egg shells, colored eggs and jelly beans in specially handmade baskets. I also have Eggs-traordinary crocheted critters in any color you choose. They can be opened to reveal a plastic egg filled with little treasures, or sealed to make a cuddly baby rattle.

Lucky the Shih-tzu looks forward to a visit from the Cadbury bunny. He likes bunnies.

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