Thankful November

This November has come in with very mixed conditions, both with the weather and socially and politically. This whole year has been totally different than any other year in our history. I know many of you are reeling with the craziness this year has brought. Fall, the 3rd season, has all but disappeared as quickly as it came and we are either in the 80’s or record snowfalls, starting last month. Fall was always my favorite season of the year, and it just keep getting shorter every year. So sad.

The Corona Virus/Covid 19 epidemic came in and disrupted so many lives in our world, while causing great divides along party lines with all the different opinions and political agendas, especially in the United States. So many groups of unrest, chaos causing riots, looting and destruction, in the name of “peaceful protesting”. First responders have become the target of many of these groups, devastating fires have been deliberately set across our Country, and political corruption has become a daily revelation. I have never seen such ignorant disregard for the law, the Constitution and common decency and respect. Hatred of and violence against the innocent among us has become so commonplace it is pitiful. The saddest part is most of the “protesters” are just practicing “gang mentality” and don’t even know for what they protest. May God have mercy on us all and right these wrongs and heal our world.

So my November is going to be spent giving thanks to God for each day He lets me awaken and live with love in my heart. I wish the same for every human being on the planet. May we be thankful for what we have and make the most of it. And may we all stay safe and well, while attempting to put some normalcy back into our lives. Let us all shine our light of love on one another and enjoy the rest of this unsettling year.

How are you planning to spend your Thanksgiving Day this year? I would like to share a few special recipes that are and have been a tradition in my family for generations:

Turkey Dressing
2 ½ loaves bread, dry and break into cubes
6 cups chicken broth and water enough to moisten bread well
2 turkey livers (can substitute chicken livers) scraped across palm of hand so no lumps (can use blender if preferred)
4 stalks celery, 2 onions, 1 large apple chopped fine
4 eggs
2 big tsp. of poultry seasoning, large sprinkle of salt and pepper
Mix all well together and stuff turkey before baking or place all in large greased baking dish and bake 1-1 ½ hour at 350

Turkey Gravy
Place 1 stick butter in pan on medium heat till melted; add approximately ½ cup flour and stir till bubbles and is smooth and turns slightly brown. Add turkey drippings and chicken bouillon while continuing stirring till consistency you desire and all lumps are gone. If lumps do not disappear you can strain through mesh strainer into gravy bowl. Salt and pepper to taste.

My granddaughter’s family started a tradition a few years ago to make my mom’s Hungarian Beef Goulash with little egg dumplings. It is a big family favorite:

Beef Goulash
Put a couple # (or more) of good lean beef (chuck roast, stewing beef, beef brisket all work well) cut into cubes in a crockpot with about 1cup water, 2-3 med. Chopped onions (I use my food processor and make them almost like a slush cause my kids don’t like to see the onions LOL) Use lots of salt, pepper and garlic. When it is done (the meat will be VERY tender) add tons of paprika, till the juice is very red looking. I also make beef boullion (2-3 cubes to 1 ½ cups water) to add more beef flavor and more liquid (have to allow for nochies to soak up all the juice. Depending on type of beef and quality and flavor, you can play with the amounts of the above ingredients to make it to your personal taste.
Add nochies (dumplings) and let them stand in the juices for a while to get the flavors mixed.
Nochies (dumplings)
Beat 10-12 eggs in large bowl with teaspoon of salt and about 1 ½ Tablespoon of veggie oil; add approx. 2 ½ (or 3 cups—not an exact science–) of flour and about 1/3 cup water and mix till consistency of thick pancake dough. Drop by teaspoonsful into boiling water (very large pot) and when all the nochies have risen to the top, pour into colander to drain. Add to Meat and let stand to blend flavors well. Serve. It is even better left-over, so I usually make more than I think we will eat at a meal.
Note: sometimes I don’t have enough room in my pot of water to cook all the nochies at once, so I use a strainer spoon and scoop out the done nochies and continue with the next batch in the same water. The water will get cloudy from the flour—don’t panic. LOL

Do you have a family favorite recipe? I would love for you to share it with us.

Till next time, Lucky here wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving; stay safe, stay well, and vote in the Presidential election if you haven’t already.

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