Fall Is Here Already

Wow! I cannot believe Fall is here already. It just rushed right in while I was not looking. I have been very busy with special orders for fidget sleeves, fish and coral, chocolate candies, and my newest project Fidget Turtles. On any given day you will find me busy crocheting something.

I love this season the best of all, with its vibrant changing colors and cooler weather. It is like God takes this time to paint the world in beautiful colors. Every season has its own special beauty, but Fall has the most gorgeous colors for me. It is also a time of special fun holidays and family gatherings, like Halloween, Octoberfest, , Thanksgiving…..What holidays or events do you celebrate in Fall?

This is also the season when a lot of good cooking and baking is done. What is your favorite dish or dessert to make? I love baking rice pudding with raisins, apple crisp, and if I can ever find farmers or dry cottage cheese I want to make my mom’s apple turnovers again; the dough is made with the cottage cheese. She used to either get hers from a farmer neighbor or make it herself when we lived on a farm. Now that I am in the southwest, it is impossible to find. I would love it if you would share a recipe with us here; just leave a comment with a link or download so we can all enjoy.

So my latest crochet project is fidget animals, and I started with a turtle, as my daughter and grandkids raise tortoises in their back yard. They have three and the little guys are quite entertaining. I’ve made my own pattern from my “grand-tortoises” and other pictures of turtles. I decorate them with items that will have activities that seniors with dementia and kids with autism can benefit; they are all therapeutic, sensory activities, like zippers, beads, tools and keys, pom poms, ribbons, buttons, butterflies, feathers, fabrics, links, crocheted flowers, sports items, babies, animals squishy toys, and lots of other special items I acquire as I see them and add to my current supply of items. Here are just a few samples of the newest sleeves and turtles I have completed:

So those are some of my latest creations. Let me know what you think; and I would welcome suggestions of animals to make into fidget critters.

Until next month, Lucky here wishing you all Happy Halloween.

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