Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All

Wow! This Christmas season came up way too fast for me to keep up. It seems like I just put the Christmas decorations away last week. Guess that is what age does to us. Time goes by way too fast.

I got all my decorations and my tree up and decorated early this year, but now am scrambling to get everything done that I had intended. I am crocheting two big projects for my grandkids–a mermaid tail and a crocodile. I am almost done–except for the croc’s jaws and the mermaid’s tail; and I have my grandkids here with me tonight, so no crocheting on those projects.

IMG_6917Do you have your stocking hung by the chimney with care this year? I created a pattern for crocheted stockings in 1975, after seeing a purse shaped like an old-
fashioned stocking. I asked my mom to show me how to do a single crochet, double crochet and shell stitch, borrowed some yarn and a crochet hook, and went home to create my first stocking. I took the completed stocking to work with me the following day and got orders for 20 stockings that first day. I have been crocheting these stockings every year since 1975 and selling them to people in my neighborhood. I began selling them on Etsy in 2010 and on eBay since 2012.

Every member of my family has received a special personalized stocking to hang on their family fireplace. This is truly a happy family tradition. Even the dogs in the family have gotten their own personalized stockings.

If you need a custom personalized gift stocking for that special person on your list, let me know; I still have several stockings completed and waiting for a personalized touch.


Lucky and I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever; and our wish for the new year is peace on earth and goodwill to all.


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