Gobble Gobble To Grandma’s House We Go

lucky-turkeyHere we are in November already with my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a time to reflect on things we are grateful for: family, friends, and yummy food. Lucky the dog is definitely ready for the occasion!

With Granny moving into a new home very soon, and the rest of our family moving to a different home the weekend after Thanksgiving, it looks like everyone will be eating and relaxing at Grandma’s house this year. Just have to figure out where to put everyone to eat. But that’s not a big problem — we always manage to seat everyone.

One thing we can’t manage to decide is which pie makes a more delicious dessert. Which do you prefer: pumpkin or apple pie? Cast your vote in the comments below.  I love both, but I think pumpkin would win my vote.


Whatever your plans this year, I hope this will be your best Thanksgiving ever!

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