Summer is in Full Bloom

summer-in-bloom-11-x14-750-1024x806I have been so overwhelmed I haven’t posted since Easter. Shame on me. Now we are in full Summer weather mode and it is very hot here in Las Vegas. How is your weather? Hope you are having a wonderful Summer and enjoying the outdoors when it is cool enough to be out. For those being plagued by flooding, tornadoes, etc. I wish you safety and fast recovery from the negative effects.

I keep seeing reminders on Facebook about Christmas being only one hundred and something days away. Time is just going by too quickly these days. It seems the busier we are the faster time flies by, and another year has passed before we know it.

I have had a big challenge adjusting to living under the same roof as my daughter and her family–husband, two young children and two dogs. I have a little dog as well, so we are a pack of three dogs now. This is a temporary situation, but it has been difficult on everyone because we moved my daughter’s and my business inventory to this home as well; it is challenging trying to find spaces for everything. But we are making the best of it until we find the perfect property to purchase that will accommodate all of us and the business comfortably. Till then we are enjoying lots of Summer activities, including a pool in the back yard for the kids and a huge yard for the dogs to play and run.

I am working on some new crochet patterns to put in my store for Christmas, but it is hard to crochet when it is 111 degrees outside. I work in small time frames and am slowly getting products ready.
If you would like a pattern for a special type project or need a video how-to crochet particular stitches, or just have questions for me, please send me an email and I will post it here for you.

Take care and have a joyful Summer.

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