It’s Raining Diamonds and Daisies

Diamonds and daisies with raindrops

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and complex things we know. Those of us celebrating a birthday this month will also be delighted to know that the diamond is April’s birthstone.

Diamonds are associated with love and romance, especially symbolized by the engagement ring. The diamond has been featured in movies for decades, and as the subject of many songs. The most memorable example is the song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend from the Marilyn Monroe movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Other famous movies involving diamonds with a criminal theme include the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever, starring Sean Connery; Snatch, starring Brad Pitt; Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo Di Caprio; A Fish Called Wanda, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline; and The Pink Panther, about a French police detective’s search for a missing pink diamond.

il_340x270.248038720Diamond shapes are used extensively in art and needle crafts like the diamond crochet pattern pictured here.

When you’re ready for more, check out a history of the diamond gemstone. It’s a lengthy read, but very informative.


Here’s a surprise for you: Just as today’s story is a double feature, there’s a flower that also counts as two in one.

The daisy is one of the most beloved spring flowers. They come in many colors and petal variations, and are used extensively in embroidery and crochet patterns. Click below to watch this video showing how to do a daisy chain stitch to create flowers onto a crocheted square:

Here is another pattern, using the lazy daisy and french knots to form flowers.

Lazy daisy embroidery design

You can also find several items in my eBay store that have a daisy design, like these:

Hand painted woven wood and leather sewing basket with hinged lid and handle

Hand Painted Wooden Sewing Basket

Pair of vintage hand-embroidered cotton pillow cases

Hand Embroidered Cotton Pillow Cases


That’s all for now. May it rain diamonds and daisies in all your springtime activities.


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